Hi Mark Ravi This side,Thanks for these Good Comments , does this really hamper my professionalism. Yes You have asked us to create a NGO Joint with you , but what about the Website design work we have done for You , have u forgot that I have to pay salary to my team...
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I liked
  • Because they are honest with their work
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RAVI KANT PATHAK has been traced to the employ of KONTENT EDGE in (DELHI?) INDIA. RAVI KANT PATHAK is a most Disgraceful and Shameful person!! Remember, you cannot hide this forever from your children Ravi! They learn about you, there's two options (1) become like you,...
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I didn't like
  • Ravikant pathak chose to leave business owes us500
  • Ravikant pathak chose to leave business he owes refund us500
  • Ravikant pathak leaves owes us500
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In response to my invitation to join a business venture that would see the registration and development of an NGO in India, Ravikant Pathak agreed to get involved and I would fund the venture. However, after some elapsed time he still hadn't gotten the required NGO...
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YES it is definite that we have caught up with RAVI KANT PATHAK whereabouts - he is working for KONTENT EDGE, (Delhi?) India. Despite leaving a nasty trail of unpaid debts, th...


yes he really cheap person. he hired me as freelancer i did my job more than 1 month. after that i requested for payment he started to make funny excuses. and still i am waiti...

Phnom Penh, Phnum Penh
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